‘Fireball’ meteorite Discovered on UK driveway

'Fireball' meteorite Discovered on UK driveway
'Fireball' meteorite Discovered on UK driveway Credit: Twitter

‘Fireball’ meteorite discovered on UK driveway leaves scientists speechless.

A fireball was seen trailing across the sky by residents in the south west of England on Sunday February 28. A lucky homeowner was astounded as they later discovered a fragment of the ‘fireball’ meteorite on their driveway according to Gloucestershire Live.

The lucky find is the first piece of space rock that has been discovered in the UK since 1991, and researchers have revealed that it is a piece of carbonaceous chondrite. The meteorite is so rare that the Natural History Museum have described the discovery as “mind blowing.”


The carbonaceous chondrite will be able to help scientists gain further insights into how our solar system may have appeared around four billion years ago as it formed.

Professor Sara Russell, a researcher for the museum explained that, “This is really exciting.

“There are about 65,000 known meteorites in the entire world, and of those only 51 of them are carbonaceous chondrites that have been seen to fall like this one.

“It is almost mind-blowingly amazing, because we are working on the asteroid sample return space missions Hayabusa2 and OSIRIS-REx, and this material looks exactly like the material they are collecting.

“I am just speechless with excitement.”

Fellow researcher Dr Ashley King, congratulated the homeowner on collecting the rock that really is a unique find.

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