Emergency accommodation to be made available in Palma

A number of points were agreed at the meeting
A number of points were agreed at the meeting Credit: Balearic Government

DURING a formal meeting between the Balearic Minister for Housing Josep Marí and Catalina Cladera, President of the Consell de Mallorca, housing and travel matters were discussed.

An agreement was reached on February 23 between the parties that the Balearic Housing Institute (IBAVI) and the Mallorcan Institute for Social Affairs (IMAS) would make 10 flats available to cover temporary emergency needs or social vulnerability in Mallorca.

This accommodation will be located either in Palma or in the surrounding area which will be used to temporarily accommodate families who have suffered an eviction and do not have a residential alternative.

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Also, the matter of transport was discussed and the Minister and the President agreed on the contribution of the Consell de Mallorca in the design and decision-making in matters of mobility and transport and in the future incorporation of the Consell in the Transport Consortium of Mallorca.

The Balearic Plan, in addition to the improvement of public transport (with expansion of the railway network -with projects such as the tram in Son Espases, Airport and metro in Parc Bit) provides for other measures to promote public transport such as the adaptation of VAO (high occupancy) lanes or out of town car parks.

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