Marbella restaurateurs demand that they are allowed to remain open regardless

Announcing the latest protest (Arias Camisón centre)
Announcing the latest protest (Arias Camisón centre) Credit: Facebook

NO stranger to controversy, José Eugenio Arias Camisón owner of the very popular Asador Guadalmina on the outskirts of Marbella is back fighting the Spanish Government.

In the past he refused to ban smoking in his restaurant until eventually closed down by the Junta de Andalucia and fined a significant amount of money and when allowed to reopen after the lockdown, he plastered his restaurant with anti-government slogans.

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Now he is fed up with the open/close tactics of the Junta and is leading a local campaign demanding that bars and restaurants be allowed to remain open and serve their customers and is looking for opening hours to be extended to allow customers to visit in the evening.

He is not alone and a number of local bar and restaurant owners have signed a petition calling for relaxation of the rules as they want to be able to welcome customers to their businesses.

It must be recorded that now that Asador Guadalmina has reopened, it is very busy most of the time and has a reputation for attracting second home owners from Madrid in particular as clients.

It is rumoured locally that in the event of new closures, Arias Camisón may remain open, as a gesture of protest but hopefully as incidences of infection are dropping even in Marbella, this will not be necessary.

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