To paraphrase the Beatles, it’s getting better all the time in Mallorca

FAN Shopping Centre Palma is open again
FAN Shopping Centre Palma is open again Credit: FAN

THERE is no quick solution but as new cases of Covid-19 infections drop, so restrictions in Mallorca are getting a little looser every week.

Large shops reopened with limited capacity and so have shopping centres from Monday to Friday and capacity is reduced to 30 per cent but it’s a step in the right direction.

Parking in store car parks is reduced to 50 per cent with CO2 meters on different floors and they have to be closed at weekends unless recognised as selling essential goods.

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Restaurants and bars are still closed although they can offer takeaway and the curfew from 10pm to 6am will remain in place until March 2 at the earliest.

Now public entertainment buildings such as theatres and cinemas can now allow up to 50 per cent capacity and gyms can reopen for yoga and Pilates whilst dance schools can also re-open but with major restrictions.

Even the elderly have received a boost as if in a residential home and testing negative, they may be allowed to go out by themselves or with a family member who will guarantee that they will comply with health regulations.

Tourism will only be possible once the islands return to a stable situation where hotels, bars, restaurants and all general entertainments are easily accessible without significant restrictions due to the pandemic.

If this is possible visitors will be welcomed with open arms.

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