Five year plan to protect indigenous amphibians and reptiles

The Spur-thighed tortoise needs protection
The Spur-thighed tortoise needs protection Credit: Balearic Government

AS part of the Forestry Recovery Plan, the Balearic Government will inject €546,300 into the ARES project over the next five years.

This work is aimed at the conservation of amphibians and reptiles in the Balearics with special emphasis on five species, three of which are endemic to the archipelago: the Majorcan midwife toad (Alytes muletensis), Lilford’s wall lizard (Podarcis lilfordi) and Ibiza wall lizard (Podarcis pityusensis).

The other two species are the Balearic green toad (Bufotes balearicus) and the Spur-thighed tortoise (Testudo graeca).

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The midwife toad was believed to be extinct but the first living example was found on Mallorca in 1980 and thanks to conservation activity is beginning to thrive but remains under threat from introduced species.

Funds for this project are available through the Sustainable Tourism Tax (ITS) and much will be done to protect these five groups from invasive species as well as encouraging their population growth.

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