Coffee capsules and how to dispose of them properly

What to do with your used coffee capsules
What to do with your used coffee capsules Credit: Torremolinos Council

COFFEE capsules should be disposed of properly.

As individuals and councils become more aware of the need to recycle, there are always different products which are difficult to categorise and one type is the coffee capsules that so many use.

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According to Torremolinos Council, they can fall into different categories and although logic suggests that they should go into yellow containers (used for recycling cans and plastic bottles etc) this is only the case if there are no coffee grounds left inside.

In the same way that batteries are being recycled in special containers held in shops and supermarkets, a similar collection scheme is beginning to take off but only for specific brands, so you need to enquire when you purchase the capsules if your vendor takes back the empties.

In the event that they don’t and the capsule contains used coffee then it needs to be thrown into the grey bin for general rubbish as it cannot be recycled.

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