Neurological disorders in dogs

Neurological disorders in dogs
Recognise the signs.

Neurological disorders involve the brain, spinal cord, muscles or nerves.

Weakness, paralysis, tremors, disorientation or seizures are a few symptoms that something is wrong in a dog’s nervous system.

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The symptoms can appear suddenly, progressively or sporadically.  To give your dog the best chance at recovery from a neurological disorder, it’s important for you to recognise signs.

For example, head tilt, tremors, blindness , seizures could be signs of brain disorders. Unstable gait, limb paralysis, urinary incontinence could be signs of spinal cord problems.

Your best ally during this nasty moment is knowledge and, of course, professionals like veterinary neurologists, specialists who have been trained to identify signs and provide care when the nervous system is involved.

To properly diagnose these conditions, neurologists use different tests, like a spinal tap or an MRI.

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