Resistencia Balear to curtail operations due to massive fines

Scene from one of the demonstrations
Scene from one of the demonstrations Credit: Resistencia Balear

RECOGNISED as the spokesman for the Resistencia Balear (Balearic Resistance) which has been behind demonstrations against the Balearic Government, Víctor Sánchez has announced that he is ‘stepping back’.

IN a personal statement on social media, he has explained that “These mobilisations have created a debt for us that we will surely never be able to pay, they leave us without resources to be able to continue on a day-to-day basis, in short, they have struck us down.”

So far, authorities have levied fines totalling more than €320,000 against Sánchez and others who have taken part in unsanctioned demonstrations (in two cases where the Government had approved vehicle-based convoys but Balearic Resistance apparently encouraged hundreds to turn up on foot).

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The organisation was suspended on Facebook and its website is reported as being offline but according to Sánchez it will continue in a more discreet manner but intends to continue to supply food and hygiene accessories for babies and those in need from its Palma base.

There have been observations that there was a political agenda beyond the declared fight to improve the way in which those in the hospitality industry in particular were being treated and it is estimated that the most successful of the demonstrations attracted around 4,000 people.

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