Peloton experiencing delivery delays to customers in the UK

Enjoying a work out with Peloton
Enjoying a work out with Peloton Credit: Peloton

THE UK division of US exercise group Peloton has warned customers on its website that there are significant delays in supplying equipment although it does not explain why.

According to a BBC report, the problem, which has irritated many consumers, has been caused by a combination of Brexit, ‘global shipping delays’ and increased demand.

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With significant TV advertising and the ongoing lockdown in the UK, there has been a huge demand for the product which offers both a treadmill and a static exercise bike with online coaching from the USA.

With an overall increase in interest in staying fit and gyms closed in so many areas, at home exercise is becoming increasingly more popular and Peloton has become one of the major ‘must haves’ for those who need a way of keeping fit and exercising.

The product is normally shipped by sea from Californian ports but because of congestion there, the company has consigned a percentage of orders by air, but this is an expensive undertaking especially as the machines are quite large and relatively heavy.

In the short term this may not be a major problem for a company which forecasts turnover for 2020 at $4.08 billion (€3.34billion).

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