How Much for a Visa?

How Much for a Visa?

Q.- Readers have received varying information from Spanish consulates in Manchester, London and Edinburgh about how much income they need to apply for a Spanish residence permit now that the UK is out of the EU.

A.- All of the consulates, however, agree on one thing.  They insist that a visa applicant appear in person at the consulate and that each application will be individually judged on its merits.

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Some people have regular pension income and others may have no regular income at all but hold capital assets or own property in Spain.

Here is my recommendation: Do what they say.  Contact your nearest consulate and make an appointment. Take the documents that justify your income or assets and they will tell you.

Unless you have a job you will apply for a one-year permit, which you can then renew for a longer period.  You must show you can support yourself for one year.

I offered last month my own rough estimates of about €13,000 a year, which is the Spanish minimum wage, and about €22,000 for a lump sum. This will need to be deposited in a Spanish bank account. These amounts can vary and can be substantially less.

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