Animal action group complains about Spanish pork trade association adverts

White pigs but red meat
White pigs but red meat Credit: Pixabay

TO coincide with World Cancer Day (February 4), international pressure group Animal Equality has made a formal complaint against Interporc which promotes the sale of meat from the White Capped Pig.

The basis of the complaint is that Spain’s Interporc has been promoting the meat from the pigs as white meat, considered a healthier alternative to red meat, when it is actually red.

Using the findings of a 2015 report presented by the International Cancer Research Centre, it argues that eating red meat is associated with the development of colon and bowel cancer and in its definition of what constitutes red meat, pork is clearly identified.

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Animal Equality argues that advertising and promoting the sale of meat from selected pigs as being white is misleading and in breach of consumer laws in Spain.

If the complaint is upheld by Spain’s Consumer Ministry then Interporc may be fined and required to amend its claims.

The sale of Spanish pig meat, is worldwide and last year generated €2.1 billion by way of taxes according to Interporc and therefore gave a significant contribution to the economy.

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