Caterpillar shoot out as hunters destroy dangerous insect’s nests

The hunters doing their bit under strict supervision
The hunters doing their bit under strict supervision Credit: Manacor Council

THERE was a series of very loud bangs around the streets of Manacor last weekend as the Manacor Hunters Association was out blasting pine processionary caterpillar nests from trees.

This will continue around the municipality until February 6 under the watchful eye of Local Police officers but brings to an end this season’s campaign against the dangerous creatures.

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As is well-documented, the hairs on the caterpillars which do become detached can cause injury to children and are often fatal to animals that lick them.

Work started in October and November of last year when the council treated 300 pine trees in various town squares and near schools in order to stop the caterpillar infestations.

There were still a number of pines which had not been treated which had been colonised which is why the hunters agreed to come out and blast the nests which would also kill the caterpillars.

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