New single Happiness an antidote to depression

Mr Maph want to share Happiness with everyone
Mr Maph want to share Happiness with everyone Credit: Mr Maph

IT was in 1964 that Ken Dodd released the single Happiness which was to become his signature tune and recently it re-recorded by a number of Liverpool based artists as a tribute to the NHS.

In 2013, it was Pharrell Williams’ turn to pick up the concept of the need to be Happy with his single of the same name.

In these troubled times, Costa del Sol based singer Mr Maph (Michael Harding) has come to the conclusion that when life is difficult then there is a chance to relax and calm your mind thanks to the power of music.

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Working in his studio, Mike has created his own take on the situation and although perhaps best known here in Spain for his perfect renditions of soul classics his new single also called Happiness which is somewhat different will be on Spotify from February 19.

He calls it an anti-depression tablet for today which is a house/dance-based track aimed at helping everyone to chill a little even though times are not easy.

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