Driver spotted training greyhound on lead from moving car

Still taken from the video showing the greyhound in the street
Still taken from the video showing the greyhound in the street Credit: AnimaNaturalis

THE Spanish section of international charity AnimaNaturalis has denounced an individual who was training his greyhound by holding it on a lead from a moving car.

This activity was videoed by an AnimaNaturalis supporter in a car following and shows the greyhound being taken through the streets of Torremolinos.

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AnimaNaturalis has made all of the material available to Seprona and the Junta de Andalucia as it considers this to be a crime of animal abuse.

Cristina Ibáñez García speaking on behalf of the animal activist organisation said “This practice is contrary to current legislation, even if it is understood to be part of greyhound training, as there is no regulation that authorises or establishes limits to these activities”

“We ask that the owner and driver of the described car be identified for their possible responsibility, as well as to check with the corresponding administrative obligations such as the animal’s licence, correct vaccination or microchip” she added.

The aim is for the individual to be sanctioned and the animal confiscated and handed over to the Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Plantas de Malaga, which has already confirmed that it will take charge of the greyhound.

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