Vice President Kamala Harris Allegedly ‘Hates’ Boris Johnson

Vice President Kamala Harris Allegedly 'Hates' Boris Johnson
Vice President Kamala Harris Allegedly 'Hates' Boris Johnson . image: twitter

Vice President Kamala Harris Allegedly ‘Hates’ Boris Johnson for derogatory comments he made about Obama

Kamala Harris today, Wednesday, January 20, was inaugurated as the Vice-President of the United States of America, a historical moment in history as she becomes the first-ever woman of colour to take that position.

Donald Trump, the outgoing President, was very vocal in his support of Brexit, and of the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, but, reports in America have suggested that the new Biden administration will not be as welcoming towards Mr Johnson, after the then London Mayor made disparaging comments about Barack Obama in 2016.


Boris Johnson had accused Mr Obama of an “ancestral dislike of the British Empire”, due to his part-Kenyan ancestry, remarks which at the time were branded “idiotic” and “deeply offensive” by Tory MP Sir Nicholas Soames.

Apparently, a source told the Sunday Times in November 2020 that Kamala Harris “hates” Mr Johnson, saying, “If you think Joe hates him, you should hear Kamala”, as she has not forgotten Mr Johnson’s comments.

The UK Prime Minister tweeted congratulations to Joe Biden after he was declared the winner of the presidential election, about which, a former aide of Barack Obama, Tommy Vietor said, “This shapeshifting creep weighs in. We will never forget your racist comments about Obama and slavish devotion to Trump but neat Instagram graphic”.

Sir Kim Darroch, the former UK ambassador to the US also warned back in October 2020 that tension between Mr Biden and Mr Johnson could remain, saying, “I hesitate to say this, but there will be some Obama people in a Biden administration, and they remember some of the things that the current Prime Minister said about Obama, whether as a newspaper columnist or whether it was Mayor of London”.


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  1. Biden is a communist OAP who shouldnt be in office. Obama was a liar and one of the worst presidents ever. This woman can be as offended as she likes, she has to be an idiot to be in Biden´s team

  2. Is this a newspaper, or a “Daily Gossip”?
    No serious journalist writes sentences like this one:
    ‘Apparently, a source told the Sunday Times in November 2020 that Kamala Harris “hates” Mr Johnson, saying, “If you think Joe hates him, you should hear Kamala”, as she has not forgotten Mr Johnson’s comments.’

  3. You obviously haven’t met many communists. Biden’s about as far removed from communism as you are. Why shouldn’t he be in office? He won the election, didn’t he? Whose team should she be in if not Biden’s?

  4. I hate Boris the Bung as well, he has killed 100,000 Brits, destroyed the alliances with Europe and lies as much as Trump. Kamala Harris probably hates Britain being of Indian and Jamaican heritage and Biden thinks he’s Irish and should hate Britain accordingly. What both should remember is that despite the Tories, slavery was outlawed in Britain in the 12th century, supported by Mansfield in his judgement in 1776 and trading of slaves outlawed in 1807. Slaves in the colonies were emancipated in 1833 without a war. They should remember that Harris is an ancester of a slave owner and India still has virtual slaves. The Irish (I am Irish) were the predominant slave owners in Monserrat and treated their charges brutally. St Patrick was a slave in Ireland. Both should put away their prejudices and remember that the British Isles has people of all kinds, nations and beliefs and Boris Johnson does not represent the majority. In the last election, the plurality voted against the divine Jeremy not for Johnson. In Britain, like the US and Ireland, the political system is skewed to binary choices not the will of the people.

  5. Boris Johnson is an incompetent indecisive idiot. His racist views and allergy to the truth is well documented. Why the majority of the electorate voted for him is a sad indictment on the British people. It seems that diplomacy, honesty, intelligence and integrity are less desirable qualities than being a mildly entertaining buffoon. I share her views 100%

  6. Unfortunately Boris “2 letters ” was relying on his bosom buddy Trumpy to build greater trade relations with the US….Methinks someone backed the wrong horsey……what a posturing buffoon.


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