BREAKING NEWS: Police Involved in High Speed Chase With Acid Attacker

Acid Attacker To Go On Trial For Previous Assault
CAPTURED: Jose Arcadio D. N

Police Involved in High-Speed Chase With Acid Attacker.

Spanish National Police are in a high-speed chase with the acid attacker on the Coin road in Malaga. According to the police, the suspect was being helped by friends, hence avoiding arrest and tried to make a swift getaway tonight on a motorbike but was spotted by a patrol. Normally in these circumstances, a helicopter would be employed but one officer said it is far too windy and would be dangerous for the crew.

Apparently, the patrol car cannot force him off the road for fear of prosecution.


Stop Press: Seconds ago a helicopter was spotted travelling along the Coin road…

This a breaking news story, please check back tonight for updates.



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