Vox demands commission to investigate sexually exploited minors

Vox deputy spokesperson Toni Gili
Vox deputy spokesperson Toni Gili Credit: Vox Twitter

THE Vox Party in the form of deputy spokesperson in the Mallorca Council, Toni Gili, has been highly critical of the Council in the matter of reviewing the case of sexually exploited minors.

He has said that the proposed investigation into the treatment of these youngsters whilst under the protection of the Mallorcan Institute of Social Affairs (IMAS) is “a smokescreen that will not serve to identify who is responsible.”

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In a video released on the Vox Twitter account, Gili explained that his party maintained that it is necessary to create a commission of investigation and carry out an audit of the IMAS.

“These two options are the only ways to clarify what happened, who is responsible for the suffering of these children and to prevent cases of sexual exploitation from continuing” he said.

Vox blames Ciudadanos and the El Pi political parties, for criticising the situation but not supporting the demand for a proper investigation.

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