Brexit deal omission could hurt recreational boating industry

Boating could be affected by Brexit
Boating could be affected by Brexit Credit: Ray Hines flickr

EVERY deal no matter how small runs the risk of overlooking something and in the case of the Brexit deal new problems are appearing on an almost daily basis.

One which could affect Mallorca, certainly in the short term, is the fact that the agreement does not include specific rules with regards to recreational boating which means that ono-resident British passport holders may not be allowed to skipper boats.

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ANEN, the national association of nautical businesses is currently in negotiation with the Spanish authorities to try to ensure that there is a smooth transition, but such negotiations can often take a long time to complete.

As tourists and boat owners hopefully start to return to the Balearics and the rest of Spain in the not-too-distant future, this is a situation that could have a negative effect on the boating industry as a whole.

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