UK Sees Record Covid Figures Fourth Day In A Row

UK Covid deaths surpass 100,000 mark

UK sees record Covid infection figures for the fourth day in a row

The UK has reached another grim milestone as new coronavirus infections have exceeded 1,000 for the fourth consecutive day. In addition, 1,035 people have sadly lost their lives, marking January 9 as the deadliest Saturday since the heard of the pandemic, on April 18.

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England’s Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty, continues in his efforts to encourage people to remain indoors and has participated in a chilling new ad campaign encouraging people to “act like you’ve got” Covid to “protect the NHS and save lives”.

The hard-hitting adverts send a very clear message: “If you go out, you can spread it. People will die.”

The current total death toll stands at more than 80,000.

Dr Adam Kucharski, an epidemiologist at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, told Today that the new mutant variant, thought to be more than 50 per cent more contagious than the original virus, is contributing to the huge upsurge in Covid infections.

“To some extent we can think of this as a new pandemic within a pandemic,” Dr Kucharski said.

“From the data coming out, this is a very serious threat and new data from Public Health England that came out yesterday suggested that risk per contact is probably 40-50% higher than it was.

“So both for the UK, and many other countries as well, we need to get away from this idea that we’re going to see a repeat of what happened last spring with our behaviours and really face the possibility that this is much riskier and we’re going to have to work much harder to reduce the impact,” the doctor concluded.


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  1. Just to remind you that around 500,000 people die every single year in the UK. There are more deaths in winter than summer. Also, positive tests do not equal cases. Many people who test positive will be asymptomatic. Others will have a very mild case. (The tests in any case are not reliable). This is simply scare-mongering to frighten people into accepting a vaccine. Yes, there is a virus, no the response is not appropriate. Many more people will die as a result of the lockdown than will be ‘saved’.

  2. Additionally, deaths ‘with covid’ are being counted as deaths ‘from covid’. There’s a huge difference. If I went out on my bike and got run over by a lorry, and was later found to have covid, I would NOT have died from covid, I would have died from 40 tons of lorry hitting me. It’s all designed to frighten us into accepting the vaccine (and making a great deal of money for GPs, hospitals, MPs and the vaccine industry).


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