Baby part of a gang that broke into a property

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CARRYING a baby in arms, two couples entered an apartment in Platja de Palma after breaking in through a door but a neighbour alerted the owner who called the National Police.

When the officers arrived, they arrested the four including a girl classed as a minor (as she was under 18) who was carrying the baby and they explained that they were not looking to rob the property but needed somewhere to squat.

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Although the noise of the break in last Sunday (January 3) wasn’t heard by the neighbour, they became suspicious when they saw the four ferrying personal possessions out of the property which is when they called the owner.

When interviewed by the officers, they changed the story and said that they were renting the property from a third party, but this was not believed as they all had criminal records and had residences in or around Palma.

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