Happy New Year to all

Boris Jonhson Happy New Year to all

AS we groggily stagger to the end of a year that will go down as one of the most turbulent and life altering epochs in the planet’s history, I can think of only one expression that sums up what most of us must actually feel – utterly punch-drunk.

It truly is like coming to the end of a brawl with Mike Tyson. I would like to predict, that now we have all effectively sunk to the canvas – the only way is up.

Well, I think that remains to be seen. Boris’s apparent success in finally sealing a deal with Europe, will, no doubt, still have to go a few more rounds before it is fully accepted by the disgruntled remainers, who will inevitably use every last word of the 1,200 page agreement to gain political points or  secure their own future careers. (Keep an eye out for Nicola Sturgeon and her ‘new referendum’ plans in particular).


Plenty of blows still to come for a Prime Minister, who some consider to be something of a buffoon. Well whatever they think, this man is still standing solidly in our corner, after experiencing one of the worst economic and public health disasters of all time.

He also became a new parent and survived an illness that put him in intensive care. Through all of this he still managed to achieve the Brexit he promised at his election. Well I personally think to have survived this particular rumble in the political jungle and come out with most of his teeth places him very much shoulder to shoulder with any number of our historic political champions.

The vindictive autocrats of the EU who scoffed and humiliated Theresa May have finally had an opponent step in to their pretentious ring who was more than a worthy match for their self-opinionated personas.

Well done Boris, but don’t drop your guard; you soon need to get back in training to defend the title challengers, who are no doubt lining up to take you on. Personally I think you’re well up for it.

This week’s announcement by the creators of Oxford Covid vaccine revealing, among other weak excuses, that they ‘made a mistake’ and their preparation was actually ‘far more efficient than was originally thought’ absolutely reeks of political conspiracy.

Some weeks ago, this British version which, because it could be stored at normal temperatures, appeared to be a superior product, was unexpectedly announced as only being 74 per cent effective, thereby allowing the Giant Pfizer Company to jump the gun and be the first  distributor of its own ‘superior’ product and subsequently receive the inevitable billions in profits.

Now, after the Pfizer Company has reaped the main harvest, the British vaccine is discovered to be ‘more efficient than originally thought?’ Give us a break. What sort of banana boat do these money manipulators actually think we came over on!? Personally I think it merits a public enquiry. Some chance! Happy New Year.

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy. 
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