Elf On the Shelf Incinerated as Dad Accidentally Cooks the Elves

Elf On the Shelf Incinerated as Dad Accidentally Cooks the Elves
Chelsea's Elf on the Shelf prank before the oven went on Credit: Facebook

A family’s ‘Elf on the Shelf’ was incinerated as dad accidentally cooks the elves in prank gone wrong.

Mum Chelsea Hightower, from Kansas was getting in the Christmas spirit and playing pranks with the family’s Elf on the Shelf, and set the elves up for a photoshoot in the oven. They had recently been in the fridge so need warming.

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Chelsea had popped out to do the shopping, and left the elves in the oven, but her husband was unaware. The first he knew was a strange smell coming from the kitchen, as the elves started to melt and burn.

Chelsea took to Facebook to share the misadventure of the elves and said “Thank you everyone for the concerns of our elves Jingle, Belle, Magic!

“Yesterday what started out as just warming themselves up in the oven after a day in the fridge & things got more toasty than planned when this momma stepped out briefly to roam the aisles of Target solo in hopes to finish up Christmas Shopping….

“It wasn’t long into my outing where I received ‘the call’ from Matt unaware of what I would hear next……

“Babe I feel horrible (insert long awkward pause) I cooked the elves”.

Quick thinking Chelsea sent the elves to the ‘Elfspital’, basically a quick dash to buy new ones, and keep the Christmas tradition intact for the children. Facebook friends were amused by the Elf on a shelf incident and one commented, “This is sooo awesome! I’m sure it was devastating, but you guys turned it into a great memory for MANY years to come!!! The kids are ALWAYS gonna talk about the year dad cooked the elves and they had to go to the Elfspital!!”

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