Mallorca now has TEN Michelin Starred restaurants

Mallorca now has TEN Michelin Starred restaurants
DINS Santi Taura has recently been awarded a Michelin Star Credit - Dins

ALTHOUGH the pandemic has not made it easy for restaurants across the globe, Mallorcan restaurants have managed to add two new Michelin stars this year, which have gone to the Béns d’Avall restaurants, by chef Benet Vicens, and DINS, by Santi Taura.

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The island now has a total of 10 starry eateries, they are as follows:

1. Béns d’Avall

By chef Benet Vicens

2. DINS Santi Taura

By chef Santi Taura

3. Zaranda

By chef Fernando Pérez Arellano de Zaranda

4. Adrian Quetglas Restaurant

By chef Adrian Quetglas

5. Andreu Genestra Restaurant

By chef Andreu Genestra

6. Es Fum of the St Regis Mardavall hotel

By chef  Miguel Navarro

7. Es Racó d’es Teix

By chef and co-owner Josef Sauerschell

8. Maca de Castro

By chef Maca de Castro

9. Marc Fosh

By chef Marc Fosh

10. VORO

By chef Álvaro Sálazar

One of the newest additions DINS by Santi Taura, located a few meters from the cathedral of Mallorca, chef Santi Taura delivers a gastronomic experience based on the culinary traditions of the islands. Its dishes are made with local and seasonal ingredients and can be enjoyed both at the bar and at the table. 

Local produce and local cuisine is a common feature in all of the restaurants listed above, making Mallorca the go-to destination for food lovers in 2021.

“To be universal, you have to be local.” This phrase by Artist Joan Miró resonates with all the chefs on the island with chef Fernando Pérez Arellano de Zaranda, the only chef with two stars on the island, using this phrase as a source of inspiration for his culinary magic.

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