Woman arrested, accused of nine blatant counts of theft

CCTV footage of actual theft
CCTV footage of actual theft Credit: SUP Baleares Twitter

OFFICERS from the National Police arrested a 47-year-old woman on Monday December 7 who is accused of undertaking nine acts of theft between June and November around the centre of Palma.

All appear to have been planned but relied upon victims being careless about their belongings or leaving cash registers unattended which gave the alleged thief time to steal cash in particular.

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Her modus operandi was to enter a clinic, gym, shop or restaurant and wherever possible move towards the counter and try to open the till or alternatively steal from bags which were left unattended.

Officers believe that the woman (who has a previous criminal record for similar acts of theft) had stolen cash or belongings valued at more than €5,000 in total.

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