Scotland and Basque Country cooperate to test new technology

Testing starts next year
Testing starts next year Credit: Basque Energy Agency

A JOINT operation between the Basque Energy Agency and Wave Energy Scotland (WES) is being undertaken to trial technology involved in the production of electricity using wave energy capture devices at an initial cost of €22.7 million.

The European Union has approved the concept which is supported by the European Association of Ocean Energies and there will be three different devices in the trial, one situated off the coast of Scotland and two placed in Basque waters.

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The European Commission will give €11.35 to help fund the trail, with the balance shared by the Basque Energy Agency (€7.5 million) and WES (€3.7 million) as it is believed that both regions have the most relevant marine energy testing areas in Europe.

With so much depending on the need to generate safe electrical energy, it is hoped that the harnessing of the seas will become an important source of electricity in the future.

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