Tobacco industry in Balearics gasping for breath

Sales of cigarettes have plummeted
Sales of cigarettes have plummeted Credit: Pixabay

ONE hidden negative effect from the Covid-19 pandemic to the economy of the Balearics has been the enormous slump in the sale of cigarettes which generates large amounts of revenue for the tax man as well as profits for tobacconists.

According to figures released by the Balearic Ministry of Finance, the drop is in the region of 40 per cent as in October 2019 77.7 million packets were sold whilst in the same month this year, sales had dropped to 47.2 million packets.

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With annual sales down by more than €150 million so far this year, the lack of tourists is blamed for this significant drop with British purchasers in particular previously benefitting from an average cost of €5 (£4.55) per packet in Mallorca, against £12.50 (€13.75) in the UK.

At least, the drop in sales of cigarettes might see the health of some people improve.

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