Mystery Surrounding Metal Monolith Found In The Utah Desert Deepens

It’s Raining Monoliths: Mysterious Object Spotted In The Sky
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MYSTERY Surrounding Metal Monolith Found In The Utah Desert Deepens as Google images show it has been there many years

A mysterious shiny, twelve-foot high, metal monolith, looking like it belongs in a sci-fi movie, discovered last week in the Utah desert by a wildlife helicopter crew on a routine patrol, is at the centre of a deepening mystery, with some members of the public reporting they had spotted it on Google Earth in 2016, with UFO spotters and conspiracy theorists adding their thoughts into the mix, saying it might be an alien homing beacon or a secret antenna.

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Lieutenant Nick Street, from the local Department of Public Safety, stated the object could have been there for “40, 50 years, maybe more. It’s the type of material that doesn’t degrade with the elements. It may only be a few years old, who knows. There’s no real way based on the material it’s made out of to tell how long it’s actually been there”, though some theorists say there could be a much simpler explanation, that the structure resembles the artwork style peculiar to artist and sculptor, who died in 2011, John McCracken, famous for his works of free-standing structures, in pyramid, cube, and shiny slabs, who for a period lived in nearby New Mexico.


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