Friday 13th was a lucky day for diabetics

Mercy and Fay receive their awards
Mercy and Fay receive their awards Credit: La Cala de Mijas Lions

IT was Friday November 13 and those at La Cala Lions and their Diabetic Support Group were worried because they had organised a big fun dinner at Sofia’s Restaurant Hong Kong to celebrate World Diabetic Day. 

Travel restrictions and curfews resulted in it being changed to lunchtime and only 40 of the 60 who had originally booked were able to attend which meant that there were frantic telephone calls which found nine new diners but then Eureka, along came Roger Wedge and his 11 golfing buddies and they were full!

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The afternoon went with a swing, restaurant owner Sofia was helpful juggling the last-minute tables and keeping the rules of distance and everybody enjoyed the great food as well as the grand raffle – so many good prizes thanks to Sandie and Julie making them look twice as lovely with their clever wraps and bows.

During the afternoon President Graham Rutland presented the two nurses, Fay Newman of Angel’s Nursing Group and Mercy Chapman (retired nurse) with the coveted Melvin Jones Lions Award. Both ladies work tirelessly for the Diabetic Support Group.

During November the Lions also presented this award to Doctor Francisco Gomez Trujillo and volunteer receptionist Diane Mather whilst Nurse Practitioner Finola Ethnap is still to receiver one due to illness.

The icing on the cake was a surprise envelope from Charlie Mullins O.B.E. Founder of Pimlico Plumbers which contained €200 meaning that the lunch raised a total of €1,163.

Every Wednesday and Saturday – weather permitting – until Christmas, you will find the Lions and the Diabetic Support Group outside the Mijas Town Hall at the Solidarity Tables. Here you can buy lots of Christmas items and also have your glucose test too.

The Alzheimer and Dementia Supporters Group will also be there to answer questions. For more information telephone the Diabetic Helpline on 607 879 450.

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