Falklands Hero Forced Into Selling His Gallantry Medals

Falklands Hero Forced Into Selling His Gallantry Medals
Falklands Hero Forced Into Selling His Gallantry Medals. image: Twitter

FALKLANDS Hero Forced Into Selling His Gallantry Medals to fund his retirement.

Sergeant Major John Meredith, of the Parachute Regiment, now aged 70, is a decorated, war hero, described as displaying “outstanding gallantry and leadership” for single-handedly storming five Argentinian soldiers, and machine-gunning them, saving five of his comrades after coming under severe attack at the Battle of Goose Green, during the Falklands War, only seconds after witnessing his platoon commander, Lieutenant Jim Barry, killed by enemy fire, an action for which Meredith was awarded the prestigious Distinguished Conduct Medal, for saving the lives of his fellow soldiers.

Sgt Major Meredith was again commended, only days later, during the conflict at Wireless Ridge, where he again showed great courage, and leading his men forward, in the face of an enemy attack.
Sadly, now he is forced into a situation of having to sell his war medals to raise money for his retirement, with hopes that the medals will sell at auction, for up to £120,000, with Dix Noonan Webb, the London auctioneers, on December 3.


Major Philip Neame, another Falkland’s veteran, wrote about the incident at Goose Green, in his book, “Above All Courage”, “Meredith, of course, held it all together and made sure the platoon continued to work together, a really solid number, hard as nails and with the ability to think. He never appeared fussed, which is what I think really helped at this time, at least for his blokes. He was a dedicated and devoted leader, encouraging and steadying the younger soldiers under fire and inspiring the platoon by his personal example. There is no doubt that these five men owe their lives to Sergeant Meredith’s prompt and gallant action”.


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