Nephew of North Korea’s Kim ‘Disappears’ into CIA Custody

Nephew of North Korea's Kim 'Disappears' into CIA Custody
Nephew of North Korea's Kim 'Disappears' into CIA Custody - Image Source: Twitter

Nephew of North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-un reportedly ‘disappears’ into CIA custody.

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The nephew of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has reportedly ‘disappeared’ into CIA custody after meeting with US agents.

Kim Han-sol, the son of Kim’s half brother, is known for his lavish lifestyle. The 25-year-old has been depicted with luxury goods such as Armani clothes and Gucci shoes and reportedly is never without ‘wads of cash’ in his wallet.

His father, Kim Jong-nam, was famously murdered with VX nerve agent in a Malaysian airport in 2017 at the hands of North Korean agents and their locally recruited accomplices. He reportedly had $124 thousand in cash on his person when he died, and had allegedly met CIA agents in Kuala Lumpur days before his death. The US has denied that they had attempted to recruit him as a spy.

Following the death of his father, Kim’s nephew feared for his life and escaped his home in the Chinese city-state of Macau with the help of the activist group ‘Free Joseon’. He reportedly attempted to travel to seek amnesty in the Netherlands but was intercepted by CIA agents in Taipei, Taiwan.

Today it has been reported that he is living in CIA custody under the American government, who has long been North Korea’s most powerful enemy.


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