Barcelona implements Superilles programme to make the city greener

Planning the new Superilles
Planning the new Superilles Credit: Barcelona Council

THE layout of the centre of Barcelona was created on a grid system in the 19th Century with the intention that there would be plenty of green space for residents to enjoy but whilst the concept was good, there was little in the way of legislation, so many of the parks were built over.

The late 20th Century saw an enormous growth in the number of cars clogging up the roads and a significant rise in pollution which has affected health and overall tranquillity which created a revolution with the introduction of the Superilles (Superblocks) programme.

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It has been running for some time with the Barcelona Council determined to transform many of the streets of the city by recovering part of the space currently occupied by private vehicles and turning them into pedestrian (and bicycle) only areas.

The change started as an experiment in the smaller areas of Poblenou, Horta and Sant Antoni, now Superilles are making a leap in scale and pace after the Council carried out a careful analysis of the city taking into account flows and mobility of residents, neighbourhood facilities and green spaces.

With this comprehensive view, a road hierarchy has been made that allows Barcelona to liberate some traffic streets, creating a network of green areas and squares where pedestrians have priority.

With bicycles available to rent and the development of better public transport, the programme is ongoing with a view to making life in the city better and less polluted for all.

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