Dutch considering using British technology for legalised Water Cremation

A Resomation chamber
A Resomation chamber Credit: Resomation Natural Water Cremation

ACCORDING to Dutch law, a body of a deceased person can be buried, cremated or donated to science but the Government in the Netherlands is considering approval of water cremation a relatively new technique which is already approved in some US States.

Resomation as it is known in Dutch is based on alkaline hydrolysis: the body is placed in a pressurised vessel that is then filled with a mixture of water and lye and heated to around 160 degrees and because it is conducted within a pressurised environment the body is prevented from boiling and is broken down into its chemical components, which takes between four and six hours.

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Then the remains may be collected and placed in an urn, buried or scattered.

What has swayed the Dutch Government is that three values should be taken as guidelines: safety, dignity and sustainability and Alkaline hydrolysis fulfils all of these conditions according to British manufacturer Resomation Natural Water Cremation which already supplies a number of Funeral Directors around the world although they still await UK approval.

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