Approval of accounts

Approval of accounts - David Searl and his book, ‘YOU AND THE LAW IN SPAIN’
David Searl and his book, ‘YOU AND THE LAW IN SPAIN’

Q.) The first item on the agenda for our community AGM is: Approval of sub community accounts for 2019. What happens if you vote against the approval? The monies have already been spent so where does that leave things?

D P (Costa Blanca)

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A.) You seem to be under the impression that you are voting to approve expenditures. This is not so. The expenditures for 2019 have already been paid, as you say.

They were approved at your previous AGM. Now in 2020 you are only voting on whether the accounts are a correct reflection of those expenditures. If you feel they are in error you can vote not to accept them or even go to court to impugn them.

The same goes for the minutes of the meeting of the previous AGM. These minutes constitute a legal document and if they are not accurate, problems can arise.

These minutes – the ‘Libro de Actas’ – are officially registered in a special section of the Property Registry. And now at the 2020 AGM you will vote on the 2021 budget of expenditures.

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