Five New York Mobsters Catch Coronavirus In New Jersey Prison

Five New York Mobsters Catch Coronavirus In New Jersey Prison
Five New York Mobsters Catch Coronavirus In New Jersey Prison. image: Twitter

FIVE New York Mobsters Catch Coronavirus In New Jersey Prison, among a reported 200 inmates infected.

It is reported by the New York Daily News, that tests in FCI Fort Dix, Burlington County, New Jersey, on Thursday, November 5, showed that 217 out of 230 inmates, all in the same unit, were returned positive for the coronavirus, and those results brought the total number of cases in the prison to 232, the highest incidence in the US federal prison system, with the inmates and their families pleading to be released on compassionate grounds.

Included in that total are five New York City mobsters, from high profile crime families in the city,  former acting captain in the Bonnanno family, 54-year-old Daniel Mongelli, Michael Padanova, a Bonnanno family soldier, 75-year-old Ernest Montevecchi from the Genovese family, John Castellucci, the capo of the Lucchese family, and Michael Spataro, a Columbo family associate.


Mongelli, who is serving a 24-years sentence for racketeering, and involvement in the death of Louis Tuzzio, a fellow mobster, in 1990, recently received treatment for prostate cancer and was released ordered to be released by a Brooklyn judge, Nicholas Garaufis, on Thursday, November 5, citing his poor condition and ill health, plus the total failure by the Bureau Of Prisons to control the outbreak of the virus at the prison.
The Daily News also reported that  Padavona’s lawyer filed for his clients’ release on Wednesday, November 4, stating, “‘He is currently alone in his cell with a fever, and an extremely irregular blood pressure”, but government officials refused this request, saying the symptoms did not merit compassionate release.


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