Five People Died From Covid After “Street Party” In Birmingham

Five People Died From Covid After
Five People Died From Covid After "Street Party" In Birmingham. image: internet

FIVE People Died from Covid after a “Street Party” in Birmingham, it has been reported.

It is claimed that five people who died from Covid in Birmingham, had originally attended an illegal lockdown “street party” after a funeral.
Birmingham City Council spokesman, Paul Lankester, said this was another example of people blatantly flouting the lockdown restrictions on large gatherings at funerals, stating, “We’ve heard anecdotally that there was a large gathering in one funeral, almost a street party type thing to celebrate the life of someone. We’ve heard that five people who attended that funeral got Covid and passed away”.

He recounted another incident, where apparently 200 mourners had tried to break into a local cemetery to attend a funeral, and it is widely speculated that several people attending these funerals are already infected with the coronavirus, which Mr. Lankester described as “absolutely appalling” when you consider how the virus could then be easily spread among the other mourners.


Mr. Lankester went on, “We’ve had a very serious incident in the last fortnight, where we have taken action against a funeral director. I’m not going to say where, when, how, who, what faith was involved, but at that funeral, there were upwards of 300 people at the cemetery, and they then created bedlam within the area because we just couldn’t manage it, we weren’t aware of it, so the action we are taking is legal action, that if you organise an illegal gathering above 30 people then you could be subject to a penalty notice”.
The council official stated that he has been speaking to local mosque leaders, to try to get them to help curtail these large gatherings.


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