The joys of being overly-sensitive

The joys of being overly-sensitive

I used to be overly sensitive about being overly sensitive. For those of you who identify with being on the more sensitive side, you probably will be nodding your head in agreement. The joys of being overly-sensitive.

For the rest of you, this collection of words is an insight into the world of those of us who live in this world with that overly-sensitive side of us. I have spent a great deal of my life thinking that being overly-sensitive was a bad thing. I’d try and try to change it, but you can’t hide emotion.

My brain gets the logic of the situation, but my mind? Oh, my mind, it gives away how I really feel much quicker than my brain can stop it. I don’t think anyone realizes how hard it can be on someone who feels deeply to be told “don’t feel so much” or “it’s not that big a deal” or “are you crying about that?” because for us, this is just the way we are made.


What’s funny about when I’m told, “don’t be so sensitive” is that I actually get it. I know I’m responding that way and any of you that also are like me, well, I know you get it. The more we try to hide it the more it trickles out. We get that we are taking it personally. We try to do it differently. But why? Why am I attempting to fix a part of my own personality? The more I realized, that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being overly-sensitive.

Truth be told it is an awesome trait to have in life. For me, I am empathetic, I can see past the logic and feel the heart and often times, when hope is lost, it allows me to identify a piece of good, of joy, in the normal. We get overwhelmed easily. Again, not by choice, but honestly, chaos makes our minds spin and our hearts go crazy.

It doesn’t last, but it is hard in the moment. Don’t hide who you really are. So maybe I do cry if I miss the train, or if I can’t find my favourite pink top, or if I cant remember the name of the song I’ve been singing all day. Someone has to. If you are overly-sensitive, well, that’s a fantastic thing.

Here’s the truth I discovered in my own journey–the opposite of being overly sensitive was not caring. Living under the lie of “I’m fine” and “it’s not a big deal” and shoving down emotions. I chose feeling. And yeah I may cry at Hallmark Christmas movies it’s worth every single tear, every smile, every “overly-sensitive” label out there.


Love Ms Bipolar X

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