Yorkshire Ripper’s hospital moan as he finds it difficult to sleep


Yorkshire Ripper’s hospital moan as he finds it difficult to sleep.

Serial Killer, Peter Sutcliff, 74, also known as the Yorkshire Ripper, has complained that he had difficulties sleeping whilst handcuffed to a hospital bed after suffering a heart attack.

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Sutcliff was admitted to hospital on Friday, October 30, under guard while the medical team worked to treat him and get his heart rate under control.

A source was quoted in the Sun as saying, “He usually has no trouble dropping off. But in hospital there are different sounds with staff moving around and he is also uncomfortable because he is handcuffed to the bed.”

“It means he can’t relax and can’t get the same sleep as he normally does. So he’s been moaning away to everyone.”

“It’s no surprise as he likes a good old moan at the best of times, but you’d think he’d keep his mouth shut when the people there are trying to save his life.”

“As he is a Category A prisoner, he can’t be in the general ward so you’d think he’d be pleased to be on his own. But he can’t seem to stop whingeing.”

Sutcliffe committed 13 murders in 1981 and was subsequently jailed for life.


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