Mother is horrified after being called ‘c***’ by New Look staff

Mother is horrified after being called 'c***' by New Look staff
New Look customer horrified by disgusting language used Credit - Twitter

A MOTHER-of-six has been left horrified after being called ‘c***’ three times in messages from New Look after complaining about a refund.

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Yvonne Redmond, 39, from Sheffield, had tried to contact the retailer online and by phone when she sent a WhatsApp message about a refund on her £15 jeans order.

The full-time carer claims she had to ‘do a double-take’ after receiving an automated reply that greeted her with ‘Hi C***’. 

The shocked mother responded with her details and quizzed the agent why she had been addressed in such a vulgar way, but then received the highly offensive word in another two responses.

New Look claims the automated responses generate the name using the customer’s WhatsApp profile name and said the offensive word ‘did not originate from their customer care team’.

Their customer service team suggested someone must have changed her display name as a ‘joke’, however, Yvonne says this isn’t possible because she could see her name was correct even as the abusive name kept being used.

The shopper even sent New Look a screenshot to prove her name was correct on her end. WhatsApp said it was ‘unlikely’ Yvonne’s profile name was changed on her end because this would be visible to her and all her contacts and they found no evidence her account was hacked.

The upset mother claims that someone working for the retailer must have changed customers’ names ‘thinking they’re funny’.

Yvonne said, ‘I was mortified. First, they take my money for an order they said they couldn’t honour, now they swear at me for trying to find out why.

I had to do a double-take because the message said “Hi C***.” I said, “did you seriously just call a customer a c***”?

‘Usually, I would think it was funny. Once is a mistake, but three times?

‘It’s concerning that there’s someone there that could be changing people’s names to all kinds of things, also the fact they’re taking money that doesn’t belong to them.

‘I’m laughing about it but at the same time, it’s like “how dare they”?


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