Now BABY MILK is a ‘non-essential’ item

Now BABY MILK is a 'non-essential' item
Tesco is under fire from women across Wales as baby milk and sanitary towels are deemed non-essential items Credit - Twitter

FIRST Minister for Wales, Mark Drakeford, said supermarkets may use ‘discretion’ when deciding what items are non-essential after Tesco shoppers become ‘trolley police’ telling or women they couldn’t buy sanitary towels or baby milk, as they are considered non-essential items.

Sales of all non-essential items have been banned under Wales’s firebreak lockdown in a bid to discourage people from spending more time than necessary in shops and be fair to retailers who have been forced to shut.


The restrictions however are causing widespread confusion after alcohol is deemed ‘essential’ but school uniform, sanitary towels, baby milk, and hairdryers are not.

Mr. Drakeford said, ‘They will want to do the right thing, I know, and our job is to be alongside them to make sure that is clear for everybody.’

His statement came after a Tesco shelf stocked with Aptamil baby formula was pictured with a sign reading: ‘In line with government guidelines, we are unable to sell non-essential items at this time. Thank you for understanding.’

The sign on the shelf in a Cardiff Tesco has sparked outrage, with new mother Zoe Price, 27, ranting, ‘This is crazy – I can buy a Babycham but I can’t buy baby milk.

Now BABY MILK is a 'non-essential' item
Toothpaste and Sanitary towels have been deemed non-essential in this Tesco in Wales Credit – Twtter

‘I don’t know who is right or wrong anymore. It could be a Tesco mistake or it could be the Government rules – whatever it shows that the whole situation is completely crazy.’

‘Nobody knows what is going on. The danger is that people will follow their own rules and that could put us all in danger.’

Now BABY MILK is a 'non-essential' item
Tesco shoppers are confused by the supermarket giants definition of essential Credit – Twitter

Mother-of-two Michelle Morgan-Davies, 31, said, ‘Formula milk is the definition of essential. Stirring up worry like this will only cause mums to panic buy in the shops that are selling it.

‘Pregnant women and new mums have had a rough ride from all of the restrictions during the pandemic.

‘Now it’s hard to find cheap baby clothes in the few shops you are allowed to go into. It’s a worry families don’t need.’


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