Empty plates left outside Tory HQ after vote against free school meals

Empty plates left outside Tory HQ after vote against free school meals
The empty plate protest is rolling out across the country Credit - Twitter

IN yet another act of protest people left empty plates with messages about hungry children outside a local Tory headquarters after their MP voted against providing free school meals for children over the school holidays.

Southend West MP Sir David Amess was one of the 322 Tories who voted against the Labour Party motion to provide free school meals for children during the half-term break and Christmas holidays.


His constituents left symbolic empty plates outside the local party headquarters and Conservative Club.  The plates and posters had messages written on them such as, ‘No child should go hungry’, ‘Tories for the few, not the many’ and ‘lunch is not a luxury’.  A poster placed at the building street entrance listed places people in need could get food under the banner, ‘Who gives a c***? Not the Tories.’

They listed a food bank and restaurants, pubs and cafes that had signed up to Marcus Rashford’s campaign to feed vulnerable families.  The Tories have faced extreme backlash over their vote online and all over the internet including the first symbolic empty plate placed outside the Eltham Tory Offices today. 

A smaller but similar display was put on the office door of Dr Kieran Mullan who is the MP for Crewe and Nantwich and a qualified medical doctor.  People hung a teddy bear holding a sign that read: ‘“Nil by mouth” according to the doctor!’. Many MPs have received angry emails, some have reported getting death threats and Twitter has seen numerous hashtags trending including ‘#ToryScumbags’, ‘#ToryHyprocrites’ and ‘#ToriesOut’.


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