Be yourself unapologetically one last time

Being yourself unapologetically one last time
From flowers to poems the decisions are yours Credit - facebook

THERE are many ‘in loving memory of’ poems which describe someone’s personality from the point of view of those remembering them, but would it not be nice to address the congregation yourself? They are after all there for you, and it’s your chance to be yourself one last time and your own funeral.

Emma at Golden Leaves Funeral Plans has had some weird and wonderful requests over the years but tells us how she can always tell so much about a person by the verses they chose to have read at their ceremony.


She’s right, you can tell a lot about a person by the way they talk about themselves, and your funeral really is your chance to be yourself unapologetically one last time, here is a fantastic example by Kelly Roper,

Pardon Me for Not Getting Up
By Kelly Roper

Oh dear, if you’re reading this right now,
I must have given up the ghost.
I hope you can forgive me for being
Such a stiff and unwelcoming host.

Just talk amongst yourself my friends,
And share a toast or two.
For I am sure you will remember well
How I loved to drink with you.

Don’t worry about mourning me,
I was never easy to offend.
Feel free to share a story at my expense
And we’ll have a good laugh at the end.

You wouldn’t think that someone would want to have a humorous poem at a funeral, but this just might be the perfect send-off for someone who loved to amuse others. It may actually fit the deceased’s character better than a sad and serious poem, and that’s why when you pre-pay and pre-plan your funeral you can do exactly as you wish.

Family members often shy away from making bold decisions at the risk of offending other members of the family, by doing things your way, you can be yourself one last time, and believe it or not, that can be the most refreshing thing for your loved ones as they grieve.




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