Making choices that could change our lives

Making choices that could change our lives

On a daily basis we make small choices and to varying degrees throughout life. Our choices in life can define us, they can make or break us and even haunt us. Best-selling author John C Maxwell, said ‘life is full of choices and every choice you make, makes you.’ Making choices that could change our lives.

We always make a point of reminding our 16-year-old son before he goes out with friends to make the right decision and wise choices. Where we find ourselves in life can very much be down to the initial choices we have made and therefore, our results are often symptoms of those decisions. So how do we know when to make the right choices when faced with making an important decision? Firstly, it’s important to understand that perception can be very different from one person to another, therefore, it can seem that whatever choice you make could be the wrong one depending on whom you talk to.

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However, if it feels right and feels good, it usually comes from a space that will benefit most for the greater good. Making a decision from your heart tends to come from your true self which can be a good indicator. Decisions are also made from the head as well as the heart, understandably so, it can be easy to become confused as each can contradict the other and lead to procrastination. But whatever choice you make depending on its relevance can sometimes be frightening, which is why many of us just cannot commit to making a decision at all.

Too many of us play it safe and therefore deny ourselves the opportunity to grow, develop, benefit and expand in life. Years later we can have regrets and can find ourselves saying, ‘if only I’d decided to do this or that all those years ago, look where we’d be now.’ However, faced with the opportunity to have the same choices again, you’d be surprised how many people would repeat the same pattern over again. People are so concerned about making the wrong choices they simply make none.

So, make a choice, make it from the heart and take a leap of faith. If it’s the wrong choice, at the very least, you’ll find out quicker. I see making a choice as a fork in the road analogy, asking myself, which one I should take and often naturally think that if I take the wrong one, it’s a bad choice. Again, I go with my heart and choose what feels right, however, I accept that circumstances can change and what may have felt the right thing to do at the time can sometimes turn out with hindsight to be the wrong decision.

It’s ok to make mistakes, we’re human after all. Wrong decisions are a part of life although, understanding why we’ve made them helps us grow. It is an opportunity to learn, accept the consequences and not to dwell on the choice you’ve made, simply move on knowing you are a little wiser than you were before.

Remember, the quicker you learn what is wrong, the quicker you can unravel what is right. So start to make those all-important choices today and understand that the right choice is not always the easiest but making a decision one way or another can lead to some wonderful opportunities. Mistakes can be rectified and forgotten but regret can last a lifetime. The choice is yours!

Rob Shallis

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