Katie Price claims she and Carl Woods are trying for her sixth baby

Katie Price claims she and Carl Woods are trying for her sixth baby
Katie reveals she is not yet pregnant, but the pair are enjoying trying Credit - Instagram

KATIE Price, 42, confirmed she’s trying for her sixth child with boyfriend Carl Woods as she shared the result of a pregnancy test in her latest YouTube video posted on Wednesday, October 21.

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Filming the clip alongside partner Carl Woods, 31, the loved-up mother-of-five said, ‘We do want a baby and we’re not being careful’. 

The couple, who are currently in the Maldives together, were seen chatting in the kitchen of Carl’s house during the clip.

After waiting a few minutes the pair both revealed that the answer for this test was not pregnant.

Katie said, ‘What annoys me is that sometimes I put things up, like “we’ve got something to reveal”, and people always presume its a baby… If we get pregnant we’ll have it.’

Her toyboy added, ‘People think its a ploy, with the cryptic posts, and they think that she already is’.

Before taking the test, Katie posed the question of how Carl will react if they find out she actually is expecting on the video. 

Looking equally shocked and pleased at the prospect, Katie said, ‘Imagine if it says I am… because it hasn’t been any other day’.

Before the star wheeled herself off to the bathroom, Carl joked and asked if she had ‘any previous experience?’ in taking pregnancy tests.

Never one to not have the last word, Katie laughed as she replied,’I’d say I’m an expert’.


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