Breaking News: Boris Johnson – ‘get ready’ for No Brexit Deal with EU

Boris Johnson- 'get ready' for No Brexit Deal with EU
Boris Johnson said the UK should prepare itself for a 'no deal' Brexit. image: Twitter

PM Boris Johnson says it’s time to ‘get ready’ and prepare ourselves for a NO DEAL Brexit with the EU.

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Boris Johnson says it’s time to “get ready” for the prospect of no free trade deal with the EU as 1 January looms closer. The prime minister has claimed that Brussels had “abandoned” the ambition but insisted “we always knew there would be change” next year once the transition period ends “whatever type of relationship we had.”

The Prime Minister has said unless there is a “fundamental change in approach” from the European Union then the UK will go for the “Australia solution” – Downing Street language for no-deal – in the post-Brexit trade talks. He suggested he is not completely walking away from negotiations, adding: “What we’re saying to them is come here, come to us, if there’s some fundamental change of approach.”

What is the Australia solution?

Australia does not have a comprehensive trade agreement with the EU. Much of EU-Australia trade follows default World Trade Organisation rules, though specific agreements are in place for certain goods.

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