LAUGHING teens beat Jack Russell to death with a pole

LAUGHING teens beat Jack Russell to death with a pole
Poor Mim suffered a tragic death Credit - facebook

A GANG of teens have beaten a woman’s dog to death with a pole, leaving a normally quiet community shocked and outraged.

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Patricia Pendergast was disturbed in the middle of the night by the sound of four  men wildly laughing in the front garden of her home in Queensland, Australia.

When she rushed outside to investigate, she found four teens between 14 to 16 in dark clothes and her Jack Russell, Mim, lifeless on the ground.

‘They took off down the driveway and across the road and straight down across the park, and when I came back in I saw my side gate was wide open, so I walked over and the bins had all been moved and Mim was laying in between the two bins, she was already dead,’ she told the local press.

She said he seven-year-old pooch was her loyal companion that loved everyone. 

‘She wouldn’t even growl at anyone – that’s how placid she was,’ Ms Pendergast said.

When the victim returned to her garden (after a short chase) she discovered that her dog had been beaten to death.

Poor Mim had head injuries consistent with being hit with a pole numerous times and had suffered a very violent death.

Outrage is now rife in the community as word of the attack continues to spread.

This is sickening. I can’t imagine what this poor dog went through and how distressed his owner must be,’ one Facebook user posted.

Another wrote: ‘It is difficult enough to lose a fur baby, but to suffer such a cruel loss is heart wrenching. I hope they are caught and severely punished.’

Police have confirmed they are now investigating the ugly incident but no charges have yet been made.

They are urging anyone with information or CCTV vision to contact the police.

‘Talk about signs of serial killers in the making!… May the psychopaths who committed this murder brought in jail,’ a Facebook user posted.

Another said, ‘What scares me even more about reading this, is if they could do that to an innocent pup, what else are they capable of? And they are still out there.’

‘Sure hope they are caught and punished severely,’ an angry resident added.


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