Big Brother is watching as council wants to stop smoking in the home

Smoking is bad for all
Smoking is bad for all Credit: Michael Carruth flickr

WHILST the concept of banning smoking in public places and work is almost universal, a Danish Council wants to take things a step further by telling employees that they may not smoke in the privacy of their own homes.

As more and more Danish Councils extend no smoking rules to official vehicles for example, that in Gentofte has gone a step further and according to CPH Post has issued a dictate that states that employees are not allowed to smoke “indoors, outdoors or off the premises, in a home workplace or while travelling between workplaces.”

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The Council argues that there are two reasons for the decision, firstly to protect employee’s health and secondly to ensure that the rules are clear and not open to misinterpretation but unions have reacted saying that this decision is a step too far.

This is so far the exception rather than the general rule as most Councils appear to accept that their employees are entitled to act freely and within the law in their own homes.


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