“This is when I die!” – Hiker stalked by puma for six terrifying minutes

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“This is when I die!” – Hiker stalked by puma for six terrifying minutes.

Kyle Burgess will never forget his outing in Slate Canyon, Utah, after a frightening encounter with a protective puma at the weekend.

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In the middle of his route, he ran into four puma cubs, a beautiful experience until the mother of the cubs appeared and chased him for six minutes during which the runner ‘feared for his life’.

What began with an incredible chance encounter with four mountain lion cubs ended up in an extremely dangerous pursuit.

The protective mother of the cubs literally stalked Kyle, who recorded everything with his camera.

The images record the scarey situation that Burgess found himself in and how close he came to tragedy.

“No, go away!”, “I’m big and scary!”, “You’re a good kitten!”, “Go get your babies!”, hiker Burgess shouts at the puma while he refrains from turning his back “to avoid being attacked”.

“All right, this is when I die, come on, man. I don’t feel like dying today,” the anguished runner can be heard saying.

Thankfully, Kyle managed to emerge from his terrifying episode unharmed and has since shared his footage.

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