Merseyside pub mocks Johnson, Hancock and Cummings with re-brand

Merseyside pub mocks Johnson, Hancock and Cummings with re-brand
A very northern sense of humour Credit - twitter

A MERSEYSIDE pub has taken a ‘tongue in cheek’ swipe at key members of the Government by renaming itself ‘The Three Bellends’.

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A new sign outside what was originally, The James Atherton, now features an unflattering collage of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, his adviser Dominic Cummings and Health Secretary Matt Hancock, all with bells for hats.

The Wirral pubs rebrand comes after the Liverpool Region was placed under tier three COVID restrictions and with growing anger at the Government’s handling of the crisis, the pub’s crest has been changed from a portrait of James Atherton, the founder of the New Brighton area, to a dig at the Conservative party, as the pub’s owner warned, ‘The gloves are off’.

Merseyside pub mocks Johnson as the PM is front and centre in the sign, surrounded by Mr Hancock and Mr Cummings, all of whom are wearing unimpressed expressions and large bells for hats.

Daniel Davies, chief executive of Rockpoint Leisure, which owns the venue in Victoria Road, said, ‘Whilst the renaming of the pub is clearly tongue in cheek, as far as I’m concerned the gloves are off and ministers need to understand the gravity of the perilous situation they have placed us in.



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