Lavish lifestyle leaves Katie Price facing new bankruptcy hearing

Katie Price breaks feet
TURKEY: Katie broke her feet on this trip. CREDIT: Katie Price- Instagram

Lavish lifestyle leaves Katie Price facing new bankruptcy hearing.

AN anonymous source is believed to have tipped off the court about the 44-year-old former glamour model’s ‘lavish spending’.

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Creditors owed money are reportedly not impressed that the mother-of-five appears to be living the highlife, having enjoyed five holidays since her bankruptcy last November, when she is supposed to be using any money she makes to pay off her debts.

A source told The Sun Online that Katie’s creditors have “obviously seen her holidays, the products she’s advertising and her days out on her YouTube channel” and tipped off the bankruptcy court anonymously.

“Katie thinks she knows who it is – it can only be a creditor who has lost out on money when Katie went bankrupt. Her team have been told the hearing will be in court on 27 October,” the source told the same publication.

Katie’s money making ventures include a popular YouTube channel, a clothing range and social media accounts on which she promotes products.

Despite her massive debts, the mother-of-five – once worth around £45 million – has holidayed in Thailand, Spain, Turkey and the French Alps since last November.

Price failed to pay an individual voluntary payment of £12,000 to those she owed money to in 2018. When she reneged on the aggrement, she was declared bankrupt, with debts believed to be around £800,000.

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