Spain’s VOX Party Lockdown Protest Causes Gridlock in Madrid

Traffic in Madrid was bought to a standstill by a VOX party 'car cavelcade'. image: Twitter

The Vox political party filled Madrid with a cavalcade of cars against the “illegal state of alarm” of the “tyrant Sánchez” today, bringing traffic in the capital to a standstill.

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The Vox party has hailed the protest in Madrid as a success. Hundreds of people in their cars gathered in the centre of the capital to protest against the “criminal and totalitarian government” and its imposition of the state of alarm.

Last Friday the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, called a protest to stop the movement of what he called the “tyrant Sánchez” who decreed an “illegal state of alarm.”

The demonstration was peaceful and the Vox spokesperson, Iván Espinosa de Los Monteros and the leader of the formation in Madrid, Rocío Monasterio, attended the protest. He was supported from Seville by deputy Javier Ortega and from Barcelona by MEP Jorge Buxadé and the leader of Vox in the region, Ignacio Garriga.

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